Kohnke’s Own Supplets

Dr John Kohnke developed the innovative, patented Supplet® pellet system to ensure that your horse receives the most potent and stable supplement available for optimal nutritional benefit.

Supplets are cold-pressed, colour coded pellets that are separated by nutrient group. Each pellet contains only compatible nutrients to eliminate destructive interactions between vitamins and minerals.

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Why Supplets are the Best!

Because each group of nutrients are protected in their own preferred environment, they are much more potent and stable in the bucket and in the feed than other supplements.

Supplets® are cold-pressed so the nutrients retain their optimum activity without intensive processing or heat treatment, such as extrusion.


No Waste!

Supplets® also reduce waste by eliminating dust, blow away and sludging in the feed bin.  You can feed our Supplet® products in wet or dry feeds.

Their small size mixes easily into horse feeds and reduces sift out which is common in larger format pellets.   


Great for Your Horse!

This system is used for our comprehensive ration balancing supplements because these formulations contain lots of micronutrients that may react.

In comparison, our competitors’ single pellet and powdered formulations with similar nutrient content are subject to destructive nutrient interactions that may reduce potency and effectiveness.



Our Supplet® Formulations

Dr. John carefully formulates each Kohnke’s Own supplement based on science, technical know-how and practical experience. 

Supplets® are selected and mixed in specific ratios to form our comprehensive ration balancing supplements to meet the daily needs of horses. 

Each product is designed for a specific group of horses, relative to age, exercise level, discipline and common ration. Some examples are below:



The “Vitamen”

Vitamins are fragile and sensitive to their environment.  Many common horse feed manufacturing processes reduce the content of vitamins over time, leading to loss of potency and decreased effectiveness of the supplement.

Also, the potency of vitamins A, C and E are reduced when in contact with iron and copper.  Many vitamins are also sensitive to other feed ingredients, including magnesium oxide, limestone and salt.  


Vitamins are damaged by many common feed and supplement conditions (‘Vitamen’ adapted from BASF 1983).


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